Hi! 👋

I'm Philip Obosi, a Frontend Engineer and Data Visualist 👨🏻‍💻 based in Lagos, Nigeria.

I write technical articles at Scotch.io and Frontend Universe.I write mostly about high performance JavaScript for various platforms ( web, mobile, desktop etc.). I am particularly keen on Web Performance, Web Accessibility & Data Visualization.

Code Courses

I have been privileged to teach at several workshops and developer conferences in recent times, here are a few selected ones:

Workshops & Conferences

I currently work as a Frontend Engineer at Kudi Inc, where I am responsible for building web applications, dashboards, and middleware services.
{ JavaScript, React, Redux, Gatsby, Next.js, Node, D3.js }

For work, collaboration, speaking engagements and more, send me an email hey@justinephilip.com